By Alessandro Arrigo

The Get Right Band’s music combines styles from funk and rock n’ roll to reggae. Their melodies are a perfect blend of energy and fun supported by smart lyrics. It has been a real pleasure for me to collaborate with them creating the illustrations of their new album “Who’s in Charge?” which will be released this August. It offers moments of great funk and rock where the virtuosity of Silas Durocher’s voice and guitar are perfectly integrated with Jesse Gentry’s bass and JC Mears’ percussion. This is a brief Peppertool chat to get to know them better.

Hello guys! First question when did you get together?
Jesse and I (Silas) have been playing music together since we were kids. We put this band together about 5 years ago because we wanted a project with no limits… a project where we weren’t confined by genres and we could really just go for it.

Which were your main musical influences ?
I grew up listening to a lot of the classics like The Beatles, Hendrix, Dylan, Pink Floyd. Later I started taking in a lot of different music—punk, funk, reggae, classical. The great thing about The Get Right Band is that I can bring all of those influences together, along with all of Jesse and JC’s influences, along with our own styles and experiences, and see what happens!

Which is the difference between the new album “Who’s in Charge ?” and your first one ” Bass Treble Angel Devil ” ?
I think the new album shows a lot of growth over the older one. I’m happier with the songwriting, I’m happier with our performances, and the recording quality is at a much higher level. We really put a heavy focus on sound… on the audio quality of every detail… and a lot of focus on production. Julian Dreyer was the engineer and co-producer and he deserves a lot of credit in this area. Another big difference is the amount of time we had spent on the road before we recorded “Who’s in Charge?” When we made “Bass Treble Angel Devil” JC had only been in the band for a few months. But then we spent 2 years on the road together, playing over 150 shows a year, rehearsing a ton, becoming closer friends, building our musical chemistry—all of that really comes through on this new record. It definitely sounds like a band that’s spent a lot of time together.

Which are the main subject matters in your lyrics?
I really just follow whatever is moving me at the moment. This album deals with love, heartache, hope, depression, politics, power struggles, gun violence, memories, and more. When I write lyrics, I don’t really set out to do anything in particular… I don’t try to write a song about this or that. I usually just have something on my mind enough that it starts to express itself with a single line or phrase or verse. Then I develop that and if the final product feels good and feels true, I bring it to the band.

You do many shows: how do you prepare for a concert? Do you have superstitious gesture?
We’re not very superstitious. We usually just try to get a few minutes by ourselves before a show… do some stretching, chat a bit about anything special we’re doing for that show, and then clear our heads of all the business stuff and the “how many people showed up” thoughts and just get to a calm place where we can play the music with total focus. It’s so easy to get caught up in other things… it’s really important to us that we surrender to the music and to the moment. That’s the only way we can put on an honest show… otherwise you’re going through the motions and not sharing something really genuine, heart to heart with the listener.

Will there be a tour to present this new work? Maybe in Europe ?
We’ll be touring heavily in the United States when the album comes out. We don’t have any European tours planned right now but we would love to! So if anyone out there reading this wants to help make that happen, please get in touch! I had the pleasure of spending 5 months in Europe during college, mostly in Spain but also some time in Italy. I would love to get back just for the sake of traveling and seeing more of these incredibly beautiful countries, but more than anything I would like to get back to Europe with the band to share the music.

When will the new album be realeased ?
“Who’s in Charge?” will be released internationally on August 5th, 2016. You’ll be able to get the album on iTunes,, and directly from our website,

One last question that cannot be avoid on Peppertool, are you planning to release a vinyl version of the album?
We don’t have plans at the moment to release a vinyl version but I think somewhere down the road we will. We all love vinyl and would love to have that out there. Right now we’ve just been really focused on getting the music recorded, printing the CDs, and making a couple of music videos to promote the album. Keep an eye out for those videos, we’re very excited about how they’re coming together.

Check the website for more information at and on Facebook


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