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What is Peppertool?

Peppertool is a social network of collectors who work together to create and utilise a vast databank of vinyl records (in the future further collectable items will be added).

The Peppertool databank constitutes entirely of technical tabs that describe particular editions of vinyl records in an unequivocal manner.

It is the Peppertool users themselves that insert information into the system. Such information is then used by other users to manage their own personal collections and to carry out trading activities.

In order to encourage the insertion of complete and accurate information, users that utilise Peppertool for buying records recompense those that have dedicated their time to inserting tabs.

In this way the users that publicise tabs approved by the Peppertool managers derive an economic benefit from their work.

What is Peppertool’s aim?

The aim of Peppertool is to develop a system of services that assists collectors.

In fact the objective of Peppertool is to provide its users with the possibility of consulting very detailed technical tabs that allow them to recognise appropriately and unequivocally the items in their own collections. Further Peppertool is able to indicate the economic value of every single item linked to a pre-existing tab. Such value is commensurate with the conditions of use of the said item. This is possible thanks to an algorithm of suggested values that takes into account most of the variables involved in determining this information. The algorithm will operate within a particular tab only when the System acquires a sufficient amount of information relative to the item associated with it.

How does Peppertool work?

Using Peppertool is very simple. Insert technical tabs of the vinyl records in your possession and following their approval, you will receive both the holding of such tabs for a determined period as well as a certain number of credits (Red Peppers) that you can utilise to access further services otherwise only available for a fee.

In addition – as a result – other users are able to link to such tabs, both vinyl records from their own collection, as well as records they wish to sell. Whenever the system registers one or more trades, that take place through the tabs you have in holding, Peppertool will assign a certain number of credits (Green Peppers) that can easily be converted into cash.

Why is it important to insert Tabs?

Inserting tabs is important because in doing so you contribute to the growth of exchange of information within the community of collectors that operate within Peppertool. It also gives you the possibility of making a profit. In fact for every Tab created by you, you will receive a certain number of credits (Red Peppers) that you can periodically use to avoid paying for subscription only services offered by Peppertool. Further, for a certain period of time, you hold the right to exploit such Tabs (holding rights) which allows you to obtain from the system a certain number of credits convertible into currency (Green Peppers) every time one of the tabs that you hold is used by other users for trading.

What does being a Tab Holder mean?

Being a Holder of a tab means that you have the possibility of possessing temporarily the right to exploit economically the said Tab. Such economic exploitation consists in the possibility of receiving a number of Green Peppers on the basis of particular events, linked to the Tab of which you are Holder, within the system (for example, the verification of a trade associated thereto). The only commitment that the community asks, as Holder, is to perform with diligence and fairness, a “maintenance” of the tab of which you are temporarily the holder. This maintenance consists of periodical inspection of tabs, in order to report to the Manager any revisions or improvements to be affixed to them. Moreover – in general – it is in the interest of the same Holder to ensure that the tabs are the most complete and accurate as possible, otherwise there would be no need for the other users to use them for their own trading activities, thereby negating the possibility for the Holder to make a profit.

Why does Peppertool ask me to pay a subscription fee to access certain services?

The objective of Peppertool is to encourage Users within the community to actively participate in the development of the System. The collectors promoting this project, have decided to create a “dissuasive” mechanism towards those users that intend to “passively” use the Peppertool engine thereby exploiting the work of other users.

In fact, only the most “virtuous” users have the possibility to use all of Peppertool’s functions, available only in Expert mode.

The only service that foresees a payment for its use is the trading tool. The proceeds, acquired from the payments for this service, are used to reward the maintenance, carried out by Holders, of their Tab data; to raise funds for the future development of the system (with new services to be offered to users), and; to support management costs.

What is the difference between Standard and Expert services?

The Standard group of services is available for free after registration in the System. Among the services are those instruments that will allow you to acquire Red Peppers and Green Peppers.

Instead, the Expert group of services is available upon payment of an annual fee.

Why are some services provided for free whilst others only by subscription?

The goal of Peppertool is also that of ensuring that members registered to the system can benefit free from all of the services offered, with the only obligation being to cooperate actively in this project. How? Simply inserting new Tabs and revising existing ones!

Therefore, the tools that allow you to gain the credits (Red Peppers) necessary to access a higher level of service, are always free to use. On the other hand, the payment of a subscription serves to counterbalance “passive” behavior by those users who, not having the ability or the time to participate actively in the development of the project, can only do so with their financial support.

What are the free services accessible if I am registered as a STANDARD user?


What are the subscription services usable if I am registered as an EXPERT user?

By registering to subscribe to Peppertool (EXPERT mode), as well as what is foreseen for STANDARD users, I may: SELL VINYL RECORDS, VIEW QUOTATIONS OF RECORDS ACCORDING TO THEIR CONDITIONS.

Which are the services for which a commission payment is required?

Peppertool requires payment of a commission, for the use of application tools and the database, every time a sale is effected. The commission charged is fixed and is not tied to the number of items sold simultaneously to the same buyer. In addition, the commission is not calculated as a percentage relative to the value of the sale.

Why should I sell through Peppertool?

It is to your advantage because – on balance – the cost of making a sale (considering the small annual subscription fee to use the Expert services and the commission charged for each sale) turns out to be considerably lower than other similar tools on the Internet.

Peppertool in fact, for each sale, asks you to to pay a small fixed fee which is not tied to the number of items sold simultaneously to the same buyer. Above all, the commission is not calculated as a percentage relative to the value of the sale.

It follows that selling very expensive items, or selling a large number of objects simultaneously to the same buyer, is very convenient on Peppertool.

It should be remembered that Peppertool is based on the work of a community whose aim is to create an efficient structure of services. The payment foreseen for the use of some of them, only serves to support the costs of running the system and the continuous development of services to be offered to users.

Why, when I choose to buy a record, am I unable to see who the seller is?

This happens because on Peppertool the purchase takes place “anonymously” (ie without any reference to the parties negotiating) at least until the users have agreed definitively the selling price of the item. At that point, the system acknowledges their desire to conclude the transaction, requests the payment of the commissions required by the service and provides the parties with mutual contact information.

Why on Peppertool does the sale takes place anonymously?

The sale takes place anonymously on Peppertool to give equal opportunity to all sellers for the sale of their items.

But if trading is anonymous, how do I avoid contact with users with whom I have had a negative experience?

Peppertool sanctions (also seriously) behaviour that does not conform to what is described in the text TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE. It may happen that in the past you were left unsatisfied by the behavior of a person with whom you had a trading experience. In this instance you can report his name to Peppertool, which, in the case of actual misconduct, will be inserted in the Peppertool blacklist with all the consequences.

How do I insert a Tab?

Firstly, verify that the database does not already contain a Tab identical to the vinyl record in your possession, so as to avoid creating a Tab that duplicates a pre-existing one. In such a case the System would not pubblicise the Tab you have created and it would not therefore be useable by other users.

Once verified, you can initiate the procedure of inserting the new Tab using the “Create Tab” post in the Home Page.

At this point the System will ask you to insert the catalogue number present on the record sleeve (in the absence of this you may insert the catalogue number present on side A of the record label) and continue. Proceed inserting the data requested by the System, being careful to save every group of information demarcated by the save button.

Following the saving of the final group of information, the System will ask you if you wish to save the Tab in your archive (perhaps for later completion or in order to revise the data that you have inserted) or if you wish to send the Tab to the System managers for approval/publication.

Can I insert a Tab of my record even if the System contains a similar Tab?

Yes, you may. The system only refuses identical Tabs. Each and every particular of your vinyl record that is not present in a similar tab, permits you to create a new Tab even if that particular appears insignificant to you, as long as the differences are related to the production of the vinyl record and not the result of subsequent manipulation. Each minimal difference justifies the presence of a different Tab. This greatly helps collectors who have a copy identical to yours.

Within how long will my Tab be approved and pubblicised?

Once the procedure of inserting data, and sending the Tab to the System managers, has been completed, the Tab enters a state of “pending” verification on the part of the System managers.

The managers’ (consisting of a team of expert collectors) task is to control that the data that you have inserted is consistent with the information requested and that they are both quantificatively and qualificatively sufficient to assign you the Tab allowing you to become Holder. To this end the Manager limits himself to verifying only the presence and conformity of the data, not their accuracy. Normally this will occur within 24 hours, subject to the flow of Tabs that the Manager has to manage at the time.

Why are incomplete Tabs not publicised?

This occurs because the objective of Peppertool is to provide Tabs that are as complete as possible with respect to the data required by the System. Compiling a Tab with only the minimum content required is not sufficient for its publication.