By Alessandro Arrigo

Today we immerse ouselves in a blues atmosphere, thanks to the voice and talent of Roberto Morbioli.
Nominated for Best Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards, in recent days he has released his latest album “Acoustic me” in the Roberto Morbioli Trio formazioe with Paul Legramandi on bass and Nicholas Taccori on drums.
In 1991 he founded the blues band Morblus playing blues and soul with which he made 8 studio albums and a live DVD. From 2013 to 2014 he worked with the Big Daddy Wilson Acoustic Trio with whom he played in the US and Europe. For me it is a double pleasure to chat with him having had the opportunity to work on the graphic design of the new album. This is an interview for Peppertool.

Hello Roberto, Acoustic Me is due to be released, what did inspire you?
Acoustic Me was born from my need to express acoustically almost 40 years of music, it
is a collection of 12 tracks that recounts my musical journey, the inspirations are the feelings, the moments spent at home with my parents, grandparents, friends!

In the album there are two tracks written with Massimo Bubola, musician and poet who has behind him a long collaboration with Fabrizio De Andrè. how did you come to work together?
I accompanied a long tour of Beppe Grillo with Massimo in 2001, about 80 concerts with my band Morblus, is was an interesting experience from an artistica and human point of view. Max took care of the lyrics of the show and from that experience emerged a cd … .Mrs Miller, the first of my work in Italian.

How was your passion for music and the blues in particular born?
I started listening to the blues at the age of 10, I lived in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Verona and a neighbour of mine had a large collection of Blues LP’s, I immediately fell in love at the first listening and after a few months I couldn’t do without it.
I went to the record stores searhing for everything I could find, although in 1975 it wasn’t so easy!

In these years you have collaborated with many artists, is there anyone in particular with whom you’ve established the most understanding?
The artist who most inspired me was Big Jesse Yawan of Washington DC, a black man I met in Chicago in 1996 on honeymoon with my wife Samantha.
Big Jesse, was the essence of the blues, the source of incredible inspiration for me, he made me cry with emotion when he sang, his voice was a fusion of Sam Cooke, Bobby “Blue” Bland and BB King, with him in 2000 I recorded a live album entitled Push that even now remains one of my best records!

You work abroad where you are very much appreciated. Is the Italian market difficult for those who play the Blues what differences do you find with the foreign market?
In reality the blues market is very particular, being a music niche. To find work you have to extend the range to 360 degrees. For many years Italy has been a stronghold of the blues and I must say that I was offered many possibilities. Of course the blues is not part of our culture and this is why in the last 20 years I have moved abroad, where the possibilities are greater, especially in the US where since 2004 I have toured ¾ times a year.

Will there be a tour to present this new work?
The New cd will be released after January 6th, and we start with the promotional tour from February 1st with a tour in the US and in March, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France.

Which was the concert that left its mark on you the most?
The most emotional concert was that played at Camploy Theatre in Verona, from which is born a live DVD titled Road Tracks. It was an important project with the enlarged band, 10 musicians where arrangements and feelings were the masters!

The five albums without which you cannot live and why?
Donny Hathaway “Live” the best album ever, sounds wonderful but especially great musicians and incredible vibrations
Albert King “I’ll play the blues for you”, if you listen to my live at Camploy cd you will understand why!
Freddie King “Burglar” the most beautiful album of funky blues in history, sensational tracks!

Where can you buy your new album?
The new album will have a digital distribution and can be bought at my concerts of course!

One last question that on Peppertool can not be avoided, will you release a vinyl version of the album?
Honestly I thought about it and I wanted to but the budget was too tight … .we will see as the work progresses!

CD version

Digital Version

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PHOTO : Silvio SKA Skattomatto Carcereri

ALBUM ARTWORK : Alessandro Arrigo


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